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Avengers Basketball Club - community basketball for kids, Frankston District.

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Club Values -

  • Effort

  • Sportsmanship – gracious winners and losers

  • Play hard, don’t play dirty

  • An opportunity for all children to have access to team sport and all the benefits that brings

  • Expanded social opportunities

  • Experience self-confidence, emotional resilience and physical capability

  • To develop community ties and relationships among members and families

 Club Mission Statement -

Community sports are a place where everyone has a chance to develop and grow

We implement this by making sure:

  • All players are given an equal amount of court time
    (within reason – injuries, sickness and fouls can effects this)

  • Regardless of who starts the game, all players still receive the same opportunities

  • We encourage effort, development and sportsmanship above all else




We'd love you to join!


We currently have teams in the following age groups:

Under 8 Mixed

Under 10 Boys

Under 10 Girls

Under 12 Boys

Under 12 Girls

Under 14 Boys

Under 14 Girls


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Address: 68-94 Austin Road, Seaford, Victoria, Australia